Wool Dyed with Madder - Kingdom Arts and Sciences 2018

Experiments with wool yarn and different techniques of dyeing with madder and alum.  This was my first dye project, and while it didn't quite go as expected, it was fun and I learned a lot.

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Period Cosmetics - 2018 Kingdom Arts and Sciences

Trotula hair powder from the 12th Century and a flour-based foundation that is an alternative to the toxic formulas that were also worn.

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Tudor Meat Pies - Kindom Arts and Sciences 2018

Hand pies suitable to the feast table of Henry VIII or Elizabeth I made using hand ground flour and a recipe that I created based off of examples of period recipes.

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A Dish to Sooth   - Queen's Prize Sept 2017.

An exploration of medieval humoral theory and how it relates to treating a common disease with a pork stew.  I honestly had a ton of fun with this entry.  I was able to cook on site in a period cookpot, was scored wonderfully by my judges, and actually won the competition!

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Pottage -  Kingdom Arts & Sciences April 2017

Two pottages based loosely on 14th century English recipes.  Since most dishes we see are for the rich, I aimed this project for the middle, merchant class and for the poor.  It also explores why people ate the pottage they did.  I did this project since I was afraid of pottage, I thought it would be just nasty mush.  It really wasn't!  Pottage really is just anything you put in a pot!

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Seed Cakes - Queen's Prize Sept 2016

Three variations of an Elizabethan Seed Cake.  I played with the sweeteners and the spices.   I did three experiments with trying to cook the cakes in a more period manner. This is where my "driveway" cakes come from.

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Two Italian Tarts - Kingdom Arts & Sciences April 2016

Two cheese pies based on 14th-century Italian dishes. This was my first time making a pie crust... it wasn't a hard as I thought it would be.  (I've always been more of a cook than a baker).    I have to say the garlic pie was my favorite one.

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Gingerbread Three Ways -  Queen's Prize Sept 2015

Three different medieval gingerbreads, which are all quite different from what we know as modern gingerbread.
One is honey based, one wine based, and one marzipan.

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Meat Ravioli in Broth  - Queen's Prize Sept 2014

My very first SCA entry.  Looking back I'm amazed at how far I've grown from this.  It may have been a straightforward entry, that didn't deviate from the given recipe, but it was yummy.

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